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As an expatriate it can be very difficult to setup life and home in a new country and time often passes very quickly.

Many people move overseas for an improved lifestyle, enhanced earnings and the ability to pay less tax. As an expatriate there are many more tax savings available than a reduction on income tax. Expat tax planning was setup to be a resource to expats around the world that have tax planning needs. We have the ability to aid expats with all aspects of their tax and financial planning.

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is one of the most important factors that you can use to your advantage as an expatriate as your time overseas can work well for your eventual repatriation to your home country. Every day you are overseas can work towards lowering your tax liabilities when you return.


carefully towards future milestones can save huge amounts of tax. As an expat there are various tax planning tools at your disposal that were not previously available as a home country resident. Planning using the right tax efficient structures and products will let you take control of tax planning.

Pension planning

Managing pension planning as an expat is very different to if you are in your homeland. Pension planning as an expat can change a lot as many different countries have different pension’s rules. This is an area worth looking at in depth as there many factors to consider such as, currency, double tax agreements in place, retirement ages and the way in which the money passes to family members in the event of death.

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Trusts and Estate planning

can be effective financial planning methods by giving other parties the right to hold assets for the owner. This can reduce inheritance tax bills whilst the owner still remains in control of the assets working with the trustees.

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Company share schemes

are a fantastic incentive for employees to work for their employers but incredibly in efficient from a tax planning perspective. There are many ways of minimizing the tax you will pay on these assets whilst still maintaining to own the assets and benefit from the growth and earnings of the company you work for.

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Our Service

Expat tax planning have links to UK qualified financial planners that can assist you with your tax planning needs wherever in the world are you are living as an expat. We only work with experts in their field and will personally assist in ensuring that the advice our clients receive is completely tailored to their ongoing needs. We regularly ensure we are upto date with all legislation changes and ensure our network of clients are also upto date with any changes that influence their personal circumstances.

Mark is a very highly qualified and experienced Financial professional and comes highly recommended. His professionalism comes through from the first meeting and his advice and recommendations are explained with confidence and competence. In a highly competitive industry, Mark has established himself at the forefront of his profession and deserves all the recommendations and success. Mark is a credit to his company and to himself.



Chris is my financial advisor and has demonstrated to be very reliable and thrustworthy. He is quick to respond when his services are needed.



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